Monday, June 4, 2012

It's All Relative

The Fabulous Electra has challenged us with "It's All Relative: Make your project about family somehow this fortnight." With Father's Day coming up I decided that cards were in order AND the hubster was going to be out of the house with the kids for a few hours (with the kiddos). Score.

(I was kind of going for a frame on the wall look here.)

 Hubster has this annoying habit of getting a card for each of the girls to give to me on Mother's Day. I personally think this is a bad thing because then I am compelled to find a storage spot for each and every card. Anyway, because of this I KNOW that if I ever get just ONE card for all of the girls to give to him he will feel slighted. And we can't have that. Plus it has been a while since I played with paper and glue.

(I pleated the ribbon for this medallion. It doesn't look like it, but this card took me the longest to make.) 

Hubster is a very good daddy. He has started taking the girls to hockey games and now that it's warmer out, baseball. I am not a big fan of either one so when he takes them I get to stay home alone.

 (It's fun playing with stamps again. This little plane and banner had never been inked before. And I have had them for a while. Bad Jana.)

Hubster is an aviation fan. He also like motorcycles and now Mustangs, but I couldn't locate my motorcycle stamps and I don't have any Mustang stamps. So - a plane it is.

(This little card was made with scraps from the other cards. I'll give this one to him.)

I suppose we will be grilling on Father's Day. It's what he likes. After all, this is his day.

The Poobah's over at THE ORDER OF THE OPUS GLUEI would LOVE to see what you come up with for this challenge. The rules are very, very open to interpretation. If it's for or about a relative, it's in. The Poobah's pretty much just love to play.


Rosemary said...

These are terrific cards - I think the frame on the wall is my favorite (and yep, mission accomplished, I got that). Isn't it wonderful to have heartfelt, handmade cards than buying one? And, you even used scraps to make one and it looks fantastic!

Lori said...

Beautiful cards, Jana!

Electra said...

The hubster is a very lucky man. These are grteast, you should play with paper more often (hah!). The plane is my Fave, never mind what that Rosemary says.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

These are all wonderful, Jana. My favorite is the scrapy one, because it's very artsy the way you combined all those odds and ends. Your husband is not just a good dad, but a lucky one. My wife buys mine, but the girls will make theirs sometimes. Blessings!