Monday, June 11, 2012

RATZ - Magnets

No, not the rodent. It stands for RAPID AND TINY ZAKKA. It's a swap group on flickr.

Zakka is a Japanese term meaning "many things", is all about the little things that improve your home and appearance. The swap group was started to fill a gap between larger item swaps. The group focuses on small items. And just the item. No extras. Last month it was keychains. I missed out on that one. This month it's magnets. And the partners are secret. She has no idea that these are for her.

I decided to embroider a simple design onto linen. I love the feel of linen and it's just plain gorgeous. So I didn't want to hide too much of it. 

I think they turned out perfectly for this swap. I hope my partner does too.


Electra said...

I agree. They're perfect! So pretty.

Rosemary said...

These are terrific, very cheerful and colorful and your swap partner is going to love them!