Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pinnieasaurus Discovery

I have made a discovery. A new type of pinnie. A new type of dinosaur.

Please meet Penny the Pinnieasaurus:

At first glance, she looks like your everyday dino lady.
She's a bit shy, so approach slowly. And smile.

If she turns to face you, you're okay. Go ahead and approach.

And if she turns her side to you, you are GOLDEN. Means she wants to sew with you.

I am rather smitten with her. She loves to sew. But her little arm span makes it difficult, so she helps me.

(Sometimes I wonder about myself?!?!?!?!)


Electra said...

You're not the only one. Who wonders. :-)

kate said...

Best pincushion ever! I love her!

Lidia ZuniGaReds said...

wow!! amazing work, you're really an artist.