Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Obsession

I have a new obsession. And it isn't, well, you'd better sit down for this one. I'll wait.

Are you sitting safely now??? Good. My new obsession is NOT a craft. I believe it will be a short lived one. (My wallet hopes it will be a short lived one. So does DH.)

I found out that eBay really does sell HAPPINESS. I found some there. And bought a few pieces of it.

Wanna know what it is???

Just cast your eyes on these beauties:

This little golden gal was the first to my new collection. I am enamored with her combination lock. And those pretty little knobs. I remember playing with a suitcase my mother had. I would try every single combination I could think of to get it to open. I think she hid our presents in there.

Isn't this the most adorable green bombshell??? I love this shape. And it's GREEN.
Hello gorgeous.

This is my favorite one though. I know I am not supposed to have favorites, but come on. Look at her. She is so very classic.

Check out her backside. Isn't that hardware beautiful???

But this is the picture that made me do it. I just love this picture. That metal is just so yummy to me.

Well, there you have it. My newest passion. I won all of these on eBay in the last couple of days. Now the hard part: Waiting on the mail.

My plan is to refinish the interiors and turn them into sewing project holders.

One of them will house my Hexies.
Seems only logical that these two obsessions should enable each other.

Perhaps another will hold my zippers, D-rings, extra do-dads, etc...

And who knows what the last one will hold. Or IS IT the last one?

Only eBay knows for sure. LOL
(If you are interested, I searched on Vintage Train Cases to find these.)

Come on, drink the Kool-Aid. You know you want to!!!


Sian said...

Oh I love these so much! When I was little my Aunt Rose used to come to stay and bring what she called her "vanity case" with her. I can remember being allowed to carry it out of the airport for her and I used to talk about it so fondly that one CHristmas my husband went on a hunt and bought me one of my own. These are gorgeous

Electra said...

Wow. Sweet.