Friday, June 8, 2012

ICAD 2012

I am a joiner. I will join. I will participate. This time, I blame the loverly Gina at Tyggereye Art. The girl has more talent in her little toe than I'll ever have. Go on, go take a look at her art. I love her style. It makes me want to create too. It gives me a warm fuzzy that I don't get in a lot of others' art. She's posted about ICAD - Index Card A Day for 61 days challenge. June and July you take a 3x5 index card and create on it. Your choice of decorations. Just do something on one of the cards everyday.

The loverly hostess, Tammy, is open to any medium on your cards. There are a few rule, and she answers questions here. Not many rules, not overly complicated, but rather to keep us creative with index cards. One of the rules is to use 3x5 index cards. I already had index cards, but they were 4x6. So I cut them down. Didn't cost me a thing. Just a few minutes of my time.

Each week she will present prompts that you can use for your cards. Or not. You don't even have to use any of the prompts in any order.

Anyway, I didn't start until 3 days ago, I have decided NOT to play catch-up, but to start now and go forward, which will put my 61st day into August. This is new for me. Usually I stress myself out and try to do it all. Not this time.

Here are my first 3 cards:




I am not putting any restrictions on myself. The first day I only had access to pens. So that is what I used. The second day I had just found these wonderful tapes. And on day 3, I got a letter in the mail with this fabulous stamp on it.

I am really trying to accept my abilities as they are. I have a history of wanting to do things like other artists. BUT that isn't real. These 3 cards aren't as terrific as some I have seen, but they are mine. I doubt that everything Van Gogh did was a masterpiece.

I am really gonna like this challenge.


Snap said...

Your ICADs are fun. I grab a card and see what happens! I try to use up scraps ... almost like flipping a coin .. what's it going to be today?!!! If I make all 61 cards I'm going to treat myself to lunch!!! We can Icad!

Rosemary said...

This is a great idea, I have a better visual sense of it now and I love your creations. I think my favorite part of this is how your being spontaneous and using what is at hand. Very inspiring!!!!

VivJM said...

Ah, great start! I love the "catch of the day" especially!

lauren bergold said...

acutally i think everything van gogh did pretty much WAS a masterpiece, but neither he nor anyone around him could see it at the time! he only sold like 3 paintings in his lifetime and 2 were to his brother who was basically just being a "good brother" and didn't like them, either!

having said all that, i do have a point (honest!) which is: ALL ART IS AWESOME, epecially when it is a glimpse of the REAL PERSON who is making it, which ALL of these are, and they SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! (as do you, missus!)

i'm SO EXCITED that you are doing this too, i'm already loving it both as a card-maker and a viewer of others' cards, especially these! ♥LOVE♥ the "all pens" one, not only is it a great "manifesto" for the project, it's kind of come out a bit "keith haring-ish" which is v cool! the tapes one is brilliant... i never WRITE on tape and now i'm thinking, "WHY do i never write on tape??"! :) i think the fish is my fave... just b/c i am such a compulsive saver of little pretty pieces of paper and it makes me feel like OTHER ppl do it too! ♥♥♥

sweet limes said...

Hello joiner! Glad you decided to jump on board. Your cards are great, I think you have as much talent in your pinky as your friend who got you to start on this challenge. :)

My fave is that's catch. Just loving it for some reason...not that I need one.

Maggie said...

I love how you are using whatever you have on hand and go from there. I think as humans we often see what other people do as better or more important than our own talents/abilities, etc. I recently took an online art class where the teacher was talking about accepting our gifts and finding joy in our work while still admiring the work of others. As much as I love van Gogh, I wouldn't want all artists to follow his techniques. Be yourself, find your own style, and learn to appreciate it. That's what I'm telling myself lately.

Anonymous said...

I really like all of your cards. They are fabulous. Love the idea behide them too.


Terrie Purkey said...

I really enjoy your ICADs and can't wait to see more. That's one of the best things about the internet - you get to see so many styles and meet so many folks and learn so much. I could spend all day browsing through blogs, but then when would I make art??? :)

Judith said...

These are wonderful! Look forward to seeing more or your cards....Judith, Texas

Tyggereye said...

Cool! I'm so glad you are joining in. I'll totally be checking out your cards. :)I love yours. Its fun, cause you just put down whatevers in your brain.

Sian said...

I love this idea and I'll be looking out to see where it takes you. Something about creating on a small canvas like this really appeals to me - in fact if I were around more over the summer I think I'd be joining you :)