Friday, February 27, 2009

Ch, ch, ch changes.....

I have done it now. I am trying new things and in the process have managed to wipe out the bloggy goodness from my blog.

What you are seeing is the result of my failed attempt to get a custom background.

I am going to keep trying. Check back later for progress. (I hope.)


MonkAre said...

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Marfa said...

I hope it works out...I haven't figured that one out either!

I noticed you're reading "Eat Pray Love"...I stopped reading it once I got half way into India...poor woman, she's got to get a handle on her life, she's totally depressed and dissatisfied with her life. I usually finish books, but this one was pathetic. I adored both "Kite Runner" and "Thousand Splendid Suns" even more. I recommend "Winter in Kandahar!"