Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Late Valentines Day - Let's go with Valentines Week

I was a bit pre-occupied last week with Melissa. Her sudden illness and high fever had me ever so worried. Valentines Day was not something I really thought about. Luckily I had already gotten the materials needed for Danny and the girls' Valentines. Danny got a box of chocolates, the girls got these little mailboxes full of goodies from Target. Missing from the loot picture is a pair of socks. Green with one eye-ball. Think Monster Inc. Mike Waszowski. The girls really liked them and wore them yesterday, so I opted to not include them in this mornings pic. I had planned on decorating a bit more, but given the circumstance, I think I did pretty well.

The girls didn't complain. So I think they must be A-OKAY.

Here's what Danny got for me. Along with a very personal sentimental card. Ahhhh. I didn't realize until I saw the picture that the hearts on the wall go perfectly with the Valentine's Day theme.

Morgan's boyfriend walked over a mile and a half to deliver candy, a little stuffed bear and a flower to her. I can't imagine what people were thinking when they saw him walking. Talk about sweeeeeet. He is SO head over heels for her. I love him just for that. Plus it doesn't hurt that he gets good grades and doesn't get into trouble.

Melissa made this card for Danny. It is a picture of his motorcycle and his eyeball helmet. Too cute.

Friday was Melissa's last day home sick. She wasn't really that bad, but I wanted to ensure that she was healthy before sending her to torture the teacher. So we dropped her sisters off at school and headed to Krispy Kreme for some donuts. Somehow, a few evaporated on the way home. I can't believe it happened. But when we got home this is what we found:

We went ahead and had a donut anyway.

What else were we to do??? Do you think we should let Krispy Kreme know how volatile their donuts are? Oh, and just brush the sprinkles onto the floor next time you get into my car.


Rosemary said...

You appear to have gotten a lot out of the vacation - and I love all these new posts. So, in honor of showing my appreciation I am going to leave a hideously long post. (I did a second ago but BLOGGER decided to torment me and delete it - grrrrr)

I love that Danny got you a lovely Valentine's gift of flowers. I also smiled at the thoughtful card Melissa made her daddy. Also, those mailboxes came out fantastic. I love them! I hope you leave them up all year (maybe on their bedside tables) to send little notes/loveys/reminders to the girls.

Now, ahem, when did WE decide Morgan could have a boyfriend? Don't WE ever think that such things make godmommies feel quite old and decrepit? I wish WE had held that off a bit longer. I told you not to feed those kids such healthy food, they just expect it and grow. But no, you got all "but I'm their mother" - now see what this leads to - boyfriends, and learners permits, and and and other stuff that growing tweens and teens do. Harumph! (TIC) I love this post!

Marfa said...

Looks like you had a great valentines day...
Cute mailbox! I've always wanted to do one of those.
Yum! Those doughnuts look great!!!