Monday, February 9, 2009

Optimistically Pessimistic

I have ALWAYS considered myself an optimist. The glass is half full. The rain brings flowers and rainbows. Only recently, today, am I questioning myself.

Anyone who knows me is scratching their heads and saying, at least in their heads, HUH????

Here's what I am talking about. I recently, Friday, had a "tiff" with DH. He hurt my feelings, as sometimes happens in ANY relationship. I automatically had us in divorce court fighting over the silverware and the pillows. I was preparing for the worse. I wasn't mad at him. Just hurt. Imagine if I had been mad... Yikes. Shutter, shutter.

We have since worked it out. We always have. And always will. But for those few hours I was gloom and doom. Why is that?


Anonymous said...

oh jana, i know the feeling and it sucks...its hurt, they are dumb sometimes and dont realize how stupid they act and the idiotic things that come out of their mouths. Billy does it to me and sometimes i go days feeling like crap and let me tell he feels every bit of he knows on those days not to ask for anything to eat so i wont sabotage his but know i dont know what else to say cuz im talking to you as i i love so much! love.Renee

Dianna said...

We hurt the ones we love the most...and when the ones we love hurt us, it hurts the most. Makes no sense...I don't know why either...