Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cruise 2009 - The Real Story - Day 1

It didn't happen like I anticipated. Things rarely go as planned. And this Cruise was no exception. I was actually dropped off at the airport by my husband. He hasn't dropped me off at the airport for a trip in years. Many, many years. I was very surprised and very pleased.

The flight was not packed and I was able to sit about 5 rows back in an aisle seat. I sat next to a very nice recently widowed man who was rooting for the other team. No, not THAT team. I mean the Superbowl. He is a Cardinals fan. But I talked to him anyway. We had a very pleasant conversation, which made the flight fly by. Hardy-har-har.

I called Stephanie when we landed. She was staying at her son, Marc's, house. She got there in about 15 minutes with Suzanne, Marc's wife. She is a doll. I love her accent. She is from Ireland and it is mesmerizing just listening to her speak. I could have all day too. But, Steph and I HAD to go to WalMart to pick up a few forgotten items. Then we headed off to Downtown Disney. We would have gone to one of the parks had Suzanne felt better. But she was under the weather, so we left her home to rest and headed out for a Mickey Ice Cream Bar and a sample chocolate from Ghiradelli. YUM. I bought a grab bag from the 10 Dollar Store. I love those little surprise bags. There is usually $20 worth of things for $7. What a deal.

We got back to Marc's in time for the superbowl. It was heaven. The men did ALL the cooking and cleaning. They would come into the living room to make sure we had enough to drink. And to announce new appetizers. Chips and salsa, marinated shrimp. Then we were served dinner. Grilled of course. Chicken, steak, lamb chops and hot dogs. There were two types of potato salad and fresh fruit. We all ate. Licked out fingers and then the men cleaned up. I had a wonderful time. It was a great game too. I am SO VERY HAPPY that the STEELERS won. My dear hubby is a HUGH STEELER fan.

I slept very well. They have one of the most comfortable couches.....

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