Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Megan !!!!

I love my daughter. She is a beautiful young woman. She is a teenager. We are going to have disagreements. She is going to test her boundaries. I am going to pull my hair out.

She has taken me on a roller coaster ride this month.

Last week DH and I found out that she lied to us about turning in an application for a couple of the High School Academies. She was interested in the Performing Arts Academy and I was interested in her attending the Math and Science Academy. The applications were due on February 2nd. She had been acting as though she had turned in the form and had no clue as to why she hadn't been given a audition date or a test date. DH took the lead and called the school to find out this information and was told there was NO application for Megan.

I am disappointed that she lied to us. Turns out she was insecure, as teenagers are prone to be.

But, if she had only talked to us about this....

Anyway, she has been grounded. The lying has got to stop. She will have no fun for the next two weeks. She can't even hang out in her room. She is being forced to spend ALL of her time with us in the family room. As for the poor academic choice: Her cell phone taken away. Her iPod gone. Same with the rest of her luxuries. After all, as her parent it is our responsibility to prepare her for life. And if these are the choices she is going to make, it falls on her father's and my shoulders to make sure she is ready to live in the style in which she can afford. If she isn't willing to work a bit harder to ensure a higher paying job, well I wouldn't want to have her jolted into a reality in which she can't afford the same luxuries..... Sounds mean. I know. BUT, if she thinks she can get these things back, she will play the "NICE KID" until she does, and then it will be back to the same old crap.

On a nicer note, she HAS been more pleasant to the family.

And can now use chopsticks pretty well.


Amy said...

teenagers...LOL...I have one too..
super chopstick skills though!!

Rosemary said...

Megan is just being a typical teenager - she may hate you for doing this but she'll appreciate it in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you... my oldest is grounded too. Hang in there!