Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sick Day

My poor Melissa is sick. She has a UTI and a fever of 103.5 before ibuprofen and 101.3 after ibuprofen. She was complaining that it hurt when she went to the bathroom the week I was gone. I found this out yesterday when Danny called me after he had taken her to the doctors for the pain in her side. I knew about the pain in her side because I was home on Sunday when it started. I really feel bad for this little girl. I think she is going for an illness a month in 2009. Remember she had boil butt in January. Well she didn't get chocolate prescribed with her medicine this time. Maybe March will be a well month.

Danny took off with her yesterday, but today is my day. She woke up with a 103.6 fever and barfing. So I am doing laundry. You all know I don't do laundry. Danny does. But this couldn't wait. Plus he made dinner yesterday. And it was really tasty. He made Tequilla Lime Steaks, oven baked potatoes and fresh steamed green beans. I am having leftover steak and green beans on a salad for lunch today.

I am SO grateful that my boss is as understanding as he is. I just was out of the office for a week and now I am out in the middle of the week. He has 3 boys around the same ages as my girls. So he knows how these things happens.

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Rosemary said...

Poor little Melissa, this is a tough start to 2009 for her. Hope she is already feeling much better. Please give her a big hug from her godmommy.