Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cruise 2009 - The Real Story - Day 3

I may have mislead you with the title of these posts. By day 3 you would tend to think that it was the 3rd day of the cruise. It was really the 3rd day of my vacation and only the 2nd day of the cruise. Okay, enough of that.

We were scheduled to stop at Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean's island, for a leisurely day on the beach. The weather was not so cooperative and the seas were too rough for the small boats to take us ashore. So we were "stuck" on the ship. I wasn't too dissapointed. I really don't like myself in a bathing suit these past few years. But now we were on the ship. It was way too windy to walk around the decks. Too early to really drink. So Steph and I went exploring on the insides of the ship. We were just wandering when we stumbled upon the SPA. Can't you hear the music! It was heaven. We each got facials and massages. How decadent is that?!

I managed to make it to my stateroom afterwards. And proceeded to hold my bunk down. I mean we were at sea and you never know when a rough wave will come along and toss your pillows about the stateroom. I was having none of that. Plus there was a TV in the room. AND I had the remote. Steph was off somewhere. At that point I really didn't care. I HAD THE REMOTE. I watched some chick movie. Don't know the name. It had Meg Ryan, the lady from Will and Grace, Bette Midler, Cloris Leachman and lots of other folks whose names I have no clue. Oh yeah, and Eva Mendez. She has one hot bod. Then Mama Mia came on and I started watching that too. I know you are thinking "You were on a cruise and you watched TV". BUT I HAD THE REMOTE. I had to take advantage of the REMOTE. I never get the REMOTE at home. Plus it was my vacation and my plan from the get-go was to relax and do what I wanted when I wanted to do IT. Whatever IT happened to be at the moment. And then IT was TV. Now back to the story. Steph came back to the room and questioned me. Much like you just did.

We ended up watching the movie and then it was dinner time. Sit down dinner time. The dinner where we were waited upon. No, no wine. Yes, a sourdough roll and some of those yummy little sundried tomato and poppyseed bites. I'll have the shrimp cocktail and cesaer salad to start. Oh, the beef medallions with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus spears sound good too. And to end it all was the most amazing dessert Banana Nut Crunch. It was some sort of fluffy banana pudding with little chuncks of banana and macadamia nuts in a flakey graham crust. HEAVEN. I am not such a big dessert person but this one was eaten entirely. Not a crumb left on my plate.

After dinner we went to the nightly show. WOW. There was dancing and singing. It was really nice. Then some shopping. I ordered bracelets for my girls from the chain-by-the-inch place.
Then we went up to the CROWN VIKING LOUNGE for a night cap. A 360 degree lounge. We had pulled into Nassau early to try to accomodate for missing out on Coco Cay. Steph and I agreed to stay on the ship that night and go into town the next day. We had a wonderful view of Nassau from the lounge. We talked with another couple. It was very relaxing. It was an early night. We wanted to be ready for what ever the next day would hold for us.

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