Monday, February 16, 2009

Make-up Day from Blizzard 2009

I am laughing my butt off this morning. Earlier this year the schools were closed as Blizzard 2009 was approaching. Inaugural Day 2009 would be a Snow Day for the kids in our school district. As you know, that snow storm was a bit of a disappointment. Not a snowflake fell out of the bright, blue sky that day.

Today was a scheduled Holiday for our school system. The school board decided to use this as a make-up day for the Snow Day we had earlier this year. Well, we woke up to this:

Not enough to stop school. Not enough to do anything really.
Except make me laugh.


Rosemary said...

Jana, I'm just proud you braved such harsh conditions to get photographic evidence of the great southern VA blizzard of 2009. (SNIFF) I'm so proud to know you. Now, get inside, have a hot cup of tea and do some more crafting. You are inspiring me, lady!

Amy said...

Cute! Love your human calendar btw!