Monday, July 5, 2010

Far Out - OG #62

Believe it or not, my card took me all friggin day, last Saturday, to make. Don't be alarmed, I am not posting an imposter. My card, the card that took forever, is posted a bit further down. I know it isn't overly decorative. It took me so long Not because it is so complicated, but rather because my 10 year old came in to ask a question when I had first started to make the card, and then she wanted to make a card using the same set of stamps. She wanted me to "help" her. (translation - Watch me.) So I watched as she made this card for her father.

She used every stamp, save two, in this set. (She didn't use the "FAR OUT" or the lone star.) Every image was a different color too. So I had about 8 ink pads open, spread out on my tiny little work area. So even if I had wanted to work while she did, I couldn't have.

Anyway, back to the card I made in record time. LOL.

I can't remember what the background paper is, but it was part of a Christmas stack of photo mats. The planet is from a Dollar Store set of paper. The stars are dew drops. I stamped the spaceship onto white cardstock. Then used some rub-on glitter paper for the stars. And rub-on foils for the ship. The monkey is colored with copics. And I Diamond Glazed the cockpit. Then fussy cut and popped it up. The letters are Making Memories.

I got the stamps as part of a major score from Michael's the other day.
I love this little monkey. He gets to do so many different things.

I got all this stuff for $35. Pretty cool, huh?


Rosemary said...

OMG - this is so cute! I love BOTH your cards - love how M3 had to use all the stamps (well, nearly ALL the stamps). The monkey is seriously cute! I'm hoping Danny was impressed by his heartfelt cards. Did the rest of the party for him have an OUT OF THIS WORLD theme? Do share, do share, it's just your bloggy buddies here. ;-)

Electra said...

God bless Michaels. I like BOTH your cards. And quit yer whining, soon she'll be off dating and you'll be lonely for her. I know this, even tho' my girl is standing behind me as we speak, making a paperbag album for her BF. This is (gasp!) a first!

lauren said...

DUDE!!! you are ROCKIN' the m's bargains!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

yes indeedy, that is a really REALLLLLY cool monkee and your card is AWESOME...but for some reason you DID NOT use every stamp in the packet, so i am afraid your young co-worker is going to scoop you for the coveted prize of "best monkee in space" card!!! ♥♥♥ (i'm sorry but the judge's verdict is final!) :)

Lori said...

Great cards, and how about those bargains, isn't that AWESOME!!!

Gini said...

I love both your cards Jana, talent runs in your family!

How about that for bargains! Doing a happy dance for you :-)
Everything is so expensive in Blighty, sigh!