Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's Cookin' Good Lookin' - OG #64 & KAH-WINK-E-DINK's Funny or Punny

The challenge at OPUS GLUEI this week is to use food in your project. I can do that!
My first thought was to do a little work on the recipe holder that I started. I used to have my recipe cards in a regular box type holder. But using them was kind of a pain. I had to use a magnet to hold them on the vent above the stove. That doesn't sound bad, but I am 5 foot 1 inch tall. Not ideal for me. But then I saw this photo holder in the craft store. AND I had a coupon. It was meant to be for me.
It holds the recipes up above the ingredients and bowls, so I can easily glance at the recipe without having to crane my neck or move things. YAY.

To further this project along, I started with a digital card, which I printed on regular cardstock.

Then I decided that it needed a side dish. Something a little healthy.

And to finish the meal off, a little sweet pie.

* * *

SOMEONE in my family will complain at EVERY meal. So I am going to try to get them involved in the meal planning. (mostly so they can see that it isn't easy to please everyone at every meal - I want them to feel my pain - LOL - mean? maybe, but it's how I roll)

Anyway, I made these dice in the hopes that this "chore" will be a bit of fun.

There are three of them. To be used either all together or one at a time.

First one (far left) is for side dishes: baked potatoes, flavored rice, mashed potatoes, pasta, steamed rice or fries.

Next (in the middle) is the main entree: beef, pork, seafood, chicken, pasta or sausages (dogs, brats, keilbasa).

And finally (on the right) is the style: Chinese, American, Italian, Mexican, take-out or eat out.

I used square 1inch wood blocks. Gessoed them. Painted them with black and then an antique gold paint. Then used a 3/4 inch punch on the clip-art images and used gel medium to adhere them to the wood blocks. And then used my Copic marker to line the edges of each side with black.

* * *

Last, but not least, I made a card. This was made for Kristen's challenge over at KAH-WINK-E-DINK. Her challenge this week is FUNNY or PUNNY. I chose funny. I love this quote, and thought that this dancer probably had a few margarita's under her belt.

Thanks for looking.

You should check out both of these challenges.


Tyggereye said...

Great little blocks idea! Cute card!

Linda said...

What fabulous projects!! Thank you for joining us at KWED this week. Sure hope to see more of your creative works next week. 8)

Lori said...

Would a smudge of chocolate on paper from an errant finger count? lol Love your recipe holder, and the dice for dinner is really quite brilliant, you should patent that idea. Seriously. Once they have yours done for the week, have them roll for me and send me the results, will you? rofl.

Electra said...

That card is CHOICE!

Jingle said...

Everything is so cute! I love your adorable blocks! Thanks so much for linking up!

Rosemary said...

Yes, where is the DESSERT block? These are so adorable. Also, genius on the recipe holder (plus I know you even scored it with a coupon, you smart and crafty girl you). The card made me giggle, yes, she probably has had a couple of drinks under her belt and is dancing with delightful abandon! Go, girl, go!

Kristen said...

This is great, Jana! Thank you for playing with us at KWED! this sentiment is not only funny, but dead on! I love the take out dice... your imagination is so wonderful and inspirational.

Glad to see you here and we hope to see you again!


1CardCreator said...

Love the sentiment Jana! Thanks for playing at KWED. ~Diane