Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To-Do List this week

Here's a brief list of things outside my normal duties that I would like to accomplish. Maybe with a bit of accountability, (getting embarassed) I will actually finally get them DONE. (List is NOT in any sort of order.)

1. Pack gift and books in boxes for my sister. (her b-day was in Feb.) I'm bad.

2. Pack box for mom and dad. (Mother's Day & Father's Day) I'm really bad.

3. Mail above boxes. This might start the redemption process.

4. Update my Inspiration List on blog.

5. Fill up a bag with clothes from my closet I won't wear again.

6. Take bag to thrift store.

7. Update reading list on blog.

8. Clean out wallet/purse of ALL the receipts I have gathered.

9. Clean out the laundry basket of the items I threw in there from the counter. Come on, you know you do the same type of thing. Throw crap into a basket to clear up before a party.

10. Paint my toenails. Geesh this really looks gross in type. Pedicure sounds so much better, but I won't be getting one, so, (insert BIG SIGH) I'll just have to settle for painting my toes. Er, ah, toenails.
Wish me luck.


Kathryn said...

Kind of looks like my own to-do list.

Hope you're able to get it done. :)

Lori said...

Good luck with all that, gf! Not to mention you have the inchie swap to deal with... yikes!

Gini said...

You can do it!
Are you going to post next Tues to say which of the things you have got done?