Friday, October 29, 2010

Bookmark SWAP - Digi Style

Remember this bookmark?

I am hosting a SWAP-BOT digital design Bookmark swap.

SWAP-BOT is fun and easy.
ou sign up for what interests you.
Some of the swaps are email and some are snail mail.

Make a digital designed Bookmark to email to however many people sign up for the swap.

They'll send you their design in return.

How cool will it be to get so many different Bookmarks.

Just go to SWAP-BOT and search on Bookmarks.

(That's me being optimistic that many will join in on the fun!) 


Electra said...

OK, going to search now and sign up. Maybe I'll get this one????

lauren said...

oooooooooooh! ok, i do remember that...and's totally and completely awesome to see it again! cause's THAT COOL! ♥ (& i love that it's all digi...really impressive!)