Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WOYWW - Feb 9, 2011

Today shows the remnants of the Valentines banner I made. It was late last night when I finished, so the carnage is still there. I'm not a neat worker.

I've been purging the Studio, so you can see I have more work area. I have a few more areas to tackle. But mostly it's just sorting through doo-dad's, paperwork and unfinished projects. I will continue a little bit everyday until it is done. I'll show pictures of the after. I mean you saw the BEFORE in last weeks WOYWW post, you deserve to see the AFTER too.

You can see the banner in my previous post. Just click on my header and scroll down.

You can see more workdesks from this week HERE.

Have a wonderful day!!!


Deena said...

i love the doodads and buttons out there...soo pretty...might have to get busy and make something tonight that i have a new pic for woyww

Karen said...

Lots of pretty pinks and reds on your desk this week, it looks like you have been busy having fun :)
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #58

Anonymous said...

That's a very, very Valentiney looking desk this week. Love all the little bits and pieces on show, enough there to keep my happy for hours!

Brenda 89

Chelle said...

Looks like a very pink mess..and a fun one. 103

Andria said...

Happy WOYWW, didn't have time to join in myself this week, but couldn't resist a good nosey around anyway. Great creative workspace

Electra said...

I'll have you know I'm purging because it sounded like such a good idea. It's YOUR fault.

Nicky said...

Love all the bits and bobs on your desk - looking forward to the after photo

okienurse said...

I love all the leftovers on your workdesk. I see another project that could be made from them. I love the banner. Very nice.

MaggieC said...

I looked back at that awesome banner, it is so pretty. Hope you get all your paperwork sorted.

Starla said...

Cute banner! I ALWAYS create a disaster zone when I create! LOL! But I am getting pretty good about clearing out inbetween projects!
Star 102