Thursday, March 5, 2009

2008 Highlights Album

I recently had a bug crawl, well, you know. Anyway, I cleaned out some "things" from the garage. How wonderful it feels to have some free space in the garage, I dunno, for my CAR maybe.

The garage became a storage space for the things that were "kicked-out" of my scraproom. (it's been over a year since this happened.) These are things that I had set aside for future craft activities with the Girl Scouts. I have since stepped back from Girl Scouts. Basically I got burned out and sick and tired of local politics within. Anyhow, I "found" somethings that I want to keep. I know that I will use them. Like the dozen 6x6 inch scrapbooks. I know that mini albums are way cool. The albums themselves are only "okay", but they are good enough to hold memories. They are paid for. That makes them great.

So, I took last Monday off. My own personal snow day. The weather got to be too cold. (STOP laughing at me. I grew up in San Diego and now live in Virginia Beach. Below freezing isn't even something that happens in my worst nightmares.) I also kept the girls home, because the roads were icy and I don't want to lose my child because of ice. So, while the girls were on a movie marathon, I was playing on my laptop. I LOVE my laptop. I got an email from Cheryl Waters, Fiskateer #002, and clicked on the link, which showed a pretty cool canvas album. Then I went looking around the Fiskars website and saw some things that look promising for the future.

AND THEN, I saw the January Layout. Nothing really mind-blowing, but it hit me in the forehead and I KNEW that this was something I had to do. So, I started going through my 2008 digital photos and picked out 2 or 3 from each month for a highlight layout. Well, I got to some months and couldn't decide on just 2 or 3, so I have 7 or 8 from some months.

THEN I remembered all those 6x6 albums and KNEW that I would be making a 2008 Mini Album. A very basic layout for each page. Not too much journalling. Very few embellishments. Those cool strips of punched papers are done using my new EKSUCCESS edge punches. Love them.

I originally thought I would make linear pages, with all of the 2x2 squared off pictures or patterned paper meeting at the corners perfectly. Well, I had a problem with the squares. And as you know, I couldn't find a 2" square punch, so I decided to slap what I had down. Crooked pictures, not-squared pictures, scraps of edge punched papers, they all went down.

Stamped the month and added a simple kraft punch appropriate for the month. And here you have it. My version of a 2008 Highlights album.

Not too fancy. But DONE. I know that I will make layouts with one or more of the pics, because you know I picked my favs for this album, I will make the layout and journal more about it then.
So far, my family has enjoyed looking through it. I rate this project a SUCCESS.
This feels good. Did I mention that I printed the pictures on Monday. Cut them Monday and Tuesday evenings and put the layouts together in about two hours. A whole year put together in about 8 hours. This feels REALLY good.

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Rosemary said...

I love this; from the layouts to the embellies to the photos you chose to encapsulate the year - EXCELLENT! I can't believe how much the girls have changed over a year.