Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just Punch me.

I decided that I need a 1 3/4 inch square punch. (See future post regarding 2008 Highlights Album) Anyhow, I went to Michaels on the way fome from work yesterday to find said punch. While I was there, sans kiddos, I meandered around and touched and drooled. I came upon an end cap with a different packaging design in the Scrapbook section. (Can you really start shopping in Michaels anywhere else???) I found these amazing punches.
And they are 30% off. I bought two of them. I am going back for more today. These are great. They take up about half the space of my other edge punches. And they are easy to use. I used them on the layouts for my 2008 Highlights Album. (future post - possibly Friday or Saturday - with pictures) I think I want more. I got two of the edge punches, but now want some of the regular ones too. YES, they are that cool.

The EKSUCCESS website says this:

Have you Heard the News? At the winter Craft & Hobby Show we introduced new slim profile punches powered by the Paper Shapers patented thumb punch lever. Creative engineering gives this medium punch a longer reach and makes the squeeze action of punching even easier. The Edge Punches have a template plate to line up punched images for any length edge. These new lightweight punches lock shut for stackable storage and are labled for easy identification - no more messy drawers of unorganized punches!

I never did find a 1 3/4 inch square punch. Once I got home with my new found treasures, I decided I couldn't wait and just worked with what I had. I will still look for the 1 3/4 inch square punch, it just isn't as urgent now.

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Amy said...

I just saw these..but didn't pick any you're making me sorry that I didn't..LOL