Monday, March 16, 2009

Menu Monday

I usually have a pretty good idea what meals I will be preparing for the week. I have to since I need to get groceries on the weekends. Usually on Sundays, but this week it was on Saturday.

Saturday - Chili served over mini-penne noodles, salad and milk. I can't explain why, but milk and chili go together really well. At least in my world. - This was really cooked and served.

Sunday - Meatloaf, boiled mini-potatoes (red-skin, white-skin and purple), green beans and salad. The meatloaf was cooked a few minutes too long. Everything else was done perfectly.

Monday - Happy Buffet. Danny has a late meeting, which means that the girls go out for Chinese food. Yum. - edited: This was yummy. Megan even tried, and likes now, eggrolls.

Tuesday - Roasted Pork Tenderloin, rice and salad. Nothing too fancy here. I have to cook the pork. - edited: Had a headache so we went out for Italian food.

Wednesday - "Chicken with asparagus except green beans instead of asparagus" served with steamed rice. (Yes, that is the "official" name of this dish. As the name implies, I have altered the recipe to better suite our taste buds - actually, Danny won't eat asparagus.) - edited: Had the Pork Tenderloin, sopa and salad. Turned out really tasty.

Thursday - Alvondigas (Mexican meatball soup) and tortillas with butter. Family recipe. This didn't happen. I was mad at Hubby and didn't cook.

Friday - Dunno. No survivor this week. Basketball is starting up. Rats. Stopped and got a couple of Italian Stromboli's. Yummy.

This is my sworn intentions. Subject to change at a moments notice.
I will let you know what really happens.


Amy said...

I'm just impressed that you have a menu...dinner plans in this house usually mean what box are we going to open..LOL

Rosemary said...

I'm with Amy, I'm impressed to that you're so planned out. Me, I'm thinking maybe a day or two ahead of time and that's if I'm really organized.