Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mom, I can't find my cell phone

I heard these words from my RESPONSIBLE child. Yikes. She spent the night with her girlfriend. She and Abby have been best buds since they were 3. They attend different schools. Live across town. They don't even look alike. Abby is blue eyed and blonde haired. Morgan is brown and brown. But they get together every month or so for a sleep over. Abby and Morgan. Peas in a pod. Anyway, Abby's mom had a moment of insanity and offered to take the tweeners to the mall for a shopping spree. (Not something I would just volunteer to do, but hey, to each her own, right?)

Morgan got home Sunday afternoon. We didn't think about her phone. Because, well, we didn't.
Yesterday morning was when she uttered those little words which incited panic in our home. "Mom, I can't find my cell phone." She needs her phone. Not to talk to her friends. But so that "I" can get in touch with her when "I" need/want to. So we combed the house from top to bottom. Looked in the garage. Dad's car. (he picked her up from the sleepover) She even looked IN my bed. ????? Anyway, the phone was not found. She thought she remembered texting in the car on the way home. Dad confirmed that he saw her texting in his car. So, it HAS to be somewhere. Right? Wrong. Not found.

On a fluke, because mom's can be weird this way, I had her call Abby and ask if she had by chance left the phone there. No one answered, so she left a very stressed out message. We didn't hear anything by the time we went to bed. Sigh....

I got the call at work this morning at 7:08am. Abby's mom called and confirmed that the phone was there. Whew. I am breathing easier. I can once again reach my daughter when "I" want to.

As to Dad confirming that he saw her texting, well, I just can't address that right now. Maybe when I get this BIG grin off my face....

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