Saturday, December 11, 2010

Odd-ball gift for a "Unique" girl

I have known Danielle for just about 10 years.
She is in 8th grade with my middle daughter.
She recently made Principals List by getting straight "A's" on her report card.

I am very proud of her and told her I would get her a little something, and give it to her the next time I saw her.

She requested - CHEESE.

Dani is a unique young lady.
I wouldn't change her if I could, but this is the oddest gift I have ever given anyone.

What's the oddest thing you have given? Or received?


Janet@Mamalaude said...

My aunt requested a crate of onions (Walla Walla sweet onions) one year. I think that would count as sort of odd, right?

Lori said...

An eighth grader requested cheese? That is strange. Are you sure there isn't some new rock group named Cheese? lol! Actually, I would love cheese as a gift. With a box of Wheat Thins. And perhaps a bottle of wine. I would hope the wine would offset the constipatory affects of the I digressing? I think I've already had my quota of wine...

Electra said...

My (now ex-)husband and I had a tradition of filling each other's Christmas stockings without spending more than $5.00 in total. One year I got an engagement ring in my stocking. A real one, not from a Crackerjacks box. He broke the rule. We're divorced now. Must have been cus he broke the rule. You just don't break the rule. lol
OK, both Lori and I tend to wander. I've told you way more than you wanted to know. Sorry.;-)

Rosemary said...

Oh my gosh, this made me laugh out loud - cheese? And I love that you embellished it for presentation because that's just the nice lady you are!!!

I have to think about a weird gift I've given, I've gotten some funny ones. My sisters gave me a Christmas stocking from hell one year - it was cheap and clear plastic with such items as temporary tattoos, a potato, and a tape of Oboe and Bassoon favorites. It did make me laugh for quite a while. My sister also sneaks gnomes in on me - in my yard, my home, guest rooms, cards, you name it - because I admit I'm not fond of gnomes. There I said it. this is like True Confessions time over here - I love it!

Sian said...

This made me laugh out loud too - there is no way I can beat that!

Casii said...

I am such a cheese lover that in lieu of a cake for my 13th birthday, my mom made some giant pyramid of cheeses. It. Was. Amazing!