Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Word for 2011

I am sure that you have all seen and/or participated in the WORD craze/game/event/challenge thing going around. Ali may have started it. I am not sure. Well, last year I picked the word VISION. I chose it because I had all of these lofty ideas that I was going to get my life to match my VISION. Also picked it because now, more than ever before, I appreciate my literal VISION. Being diagnosed with Glaucoma was a shocker. I am NOT old enough to have this disease. My doctor told me so. I have made sure to have all of my girls examined. They are all healthy. Thank God for that.

Anyway, back to Word for 2011. This year I have decided to take a more realistic approach. Last years word was great for my eyeballs, but the rest of my life, well, let's just say that the rest of my life is as it was a year ago. I still have my VISION for what I want my life to be. Just haven't done what I need to to get there.

This year my word is:

Yup. Good one isn't it?!?!?!


Examples of how I intend to use my word of 2011:

Get my CRAP together.

Get CRAP out of my life and house.

Not putting up with CRAP anymore.


WHAT'S your WORD for 2011?


Electra said...

OK, you're going to think I'm making this up. But when I saw that you had picked your new word (before I read your post), I said to myself "Crap", what am I going to choose...and then here you are, you've stolen my word. Crap. Now I must find another one.

Lori said...

My word is not suitable for children or the elderly to read. I like yours.

Tyggereye said...

I don't typically do a word. But I am really missing your Tim tags. Whats up? I wanna see some more. :)

Rosemary said...

I'm glad we discussed our words for the new year - and I highly approve of your word for this upcoming year. I think you are going to be very successful with it!

I love you, kiddo, this is probably the most honest word of the year for any blogger - imagine if Ali adopted it! (hee hee, I giggle just thinking about THAT)(imagine the pearl clutching)

Deena said...

If I were to pick a word this year, that would totally be it too...use that word way too often....but I think mine may be RELEASE...release myself of stress, debt, crafting clutter and anything else that gets in my way...release tension...ooohhh now that sounds so good, I may just start working on this one before 2011...now I may have to go and update my blog....

milkcan said...

This may be the single best word choice that I have ever seen! Love it!!! And I'm so glad you're going to be a part of Art Journal Every Day!

Tina said...

I found your blog via Tyggereye Art Love. I just have to tell you what a hoot your word for 2011 is. I love it! I just posted mine and was so dang serious and then I found your blog and laughed out loud. You couldn't have picked a better word. Thanks for sharing! :)