Monday, May 2, 2011

April is Done. May has begun.

I finally jumped on the wagon this month. I really LOVE the way this turned out. And will try to do them from now on.

I blame Gina. If you haven't seen hers, then go HERE. NOW!
Just kidding. No blame. Only thanks.


Tina said...

Really love your calendar!!!

Deena said...

this is an awesome idea...busy busy all respects!

Rosemary said...

This is such a cool idea, I love how you capture all the things that happened in such a visual way. What's nice is that you are getting all the moments in here; those big and small things that we can tend to forget as life moves along at such a wild pace. BEAUTIFUL!

Electra said...

This is so cool! I did two, following her gorgeous lead. Then forgot I was doing it. Story of my life. I love yours!