Monday, May 9, 2011

Melissa finally gets one...

...or, I should say Melissa is finally "GOING" to get one. A quilt of her very own.

Her sisters have quilts that I made for them when they were around 4 or 5. Megan has this wonderful little FISHES quilt.

And Morgan has this wonderful little FROGGIES quilt.

Heck, even Danny has a quilt. His is the only one I have "hand quilted". I use that term loosely here because it is tied. But I did it by hand.

I enjoyed making the quilts for them. And they really enjoy having them. Somehow, poor Melissa has been neglected. (I guess this will knock me out of the Mom of the Year running. LOL)

Don't get me wrong. Melissa has a little quilt. That she has been sleeping with since she was a baby. I did make her a little baby quilt. I made one for the other 2 also. Now they are used for dolls and in the car on long trips.

I have even had to sew the binding back on a few times. She used to LOVE to pick at the threads until she got the whole thing undone. She hasn't done that in a few years though. The little tiny one was made for Melissa too. From leftovers from a baby quilt made for a friend.

SO, it's now time for a quilt for Melissa. I thought that maybe she should pick the fabrics for it. So I let her "shop" my stash. I did have two fabrics (Millenium ones that I bought the year she was born - 2000) that I picked to put in there. But as luck would have it, they both blend in perfectly with her choices. She also picked grey for the sashing and borders. Dark grey. Hmmm. Not what I would have picked, but it's her quilt.

I also told her to pick a pattern. I mentioned the FISHES and the FROGGIES. AND I showed her some butterfly quilts. And some teddy bears. (Her BFF is Skinny Bear.) BUT she wants this pattern:

Picture is from Stitched in Color

She was looking over my shoulder one day as I was surfing quilters blogs. It was love at first glance.  I mentioned that I would make her any quilt she wanted. She is much like her mother in that when she makes a decision she sticks with it.

Rachel over at Sitiched in Color has a QUILT ALONG for this pattern. It's touted as a beginners quilt, but I prefer to think of it as a quick quilt. I hope my thinking is right. Rachel's instructions call for a slightly smaller block. I used some fabric from a kit that was already cut to a certain width which was an inch wider, so I used that instead.(I am not known for my ability to follow directions. LOL)

I spent Mother's Day sewing the top together. I was nervous about the dark grey. But it totally works. The kid knows her color combos. At least this time.

There is a row for each of her eleven years.

She arranged the bricks in the rows. It's entirely her design. I'm just here for the manual labor.

EDITED: I just today (Wednesday) found WIP WEDNESDAY. I think this post qualifies. I hope it's okay to submit a post from 2 days ago. I'll try to remember to wait until Wednesdays in the future. See more Works in Progress this week HERE.



Kathryn said...

I LOVE the colors in this. :)

I guess the wait was worth it for her, she got to make her own choices.

It is beautiful. :) Lucky girl.

Gini said...

Wow Mellisa is a natural designer isn't she? I could not "see" those patterns working at all but what a magnificent quilt and what a clever Mum you are, they are all wonderful!

Deena said...

this looks awesome...the grey sounded sketchy at the beginning, but it sure does work with that pattern....i don't think there would have been a better combo to go with least not from the pictures

Bobbi said...

the colors look great together. All the quilts are so pretty. That is something the kids will treasure for a long long time. And generations to come too. I have an old quilt that my husband's great aunt made back in 1910 when his aunt Eloise was born. Looks just a little worn for wear.
Thanks for sharing.

Rosemary said...

What a great post and such beautiful work. I love all the ones you've shared that were for other family members and I do think Melissa chose a cool pattern and a good color for it. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Electra said...

She's her mother's daughter, what do you expect? It's gorgeous!

Melinda said...

I love the colors! And the other quilts are very cute!

mainer said...

What a wonderful project for you and your daughter!

kwiltmakr said...

The frogs and the fishes are both sweet quilts. I love your daughter's choices in fabrics and the quilt has turned out super. Nice quilt Mom and I think your back in the running for Mother of the Year!

OhioMomPatriot said...

She has great individuality! I like the gray, it really does work beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

Katie B. said...

I love that your daughter picked out that pattern! Her quilt is looking great, but I think the froggies would be my pick!

Mary said...

What beautiful fabrics!


Karen said...

Hi, I just came over from Freshly Pieced WIP WEdnesday.
Your brick quilt looks great! I made one too and my edges didn't match up either! All looked ok once I sqaured it up and bound it, I'm sure yours will too :o)

Becky said...

Wow! You have some nice quilts there, both past and present! Very nice!

LynCC said...

MMmmmmm - Your bricks quilt is amazing. :)