Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Wednesday - #28

I think I have more of a handle on what I have to catch up on with regards to my quilting. I have admitted to several neglected quilt tops, and have even started actions to get them quilted. Okay, I know I started another one (Melissa's Bricks), but it kinda got me back into the quilting scene, SO, I am quite alright with it.

I have no idea what possessed me to make this top. The colors really aren't ME. They are calm and sedate. I LOVE the bright and obnoxious colors. Anyway, I am going to give this one to my mom for Christmas. It's a lap quilt.

I started quilting this one in a zig-zag-ish pattern to match the bricks. But I got screwed up some how and then decided about a third of the way into it to switch and just quilt in straight lines across the rows. Sounds really wonky, but it doesn't look TOO bad. And I have the quilting done now. So, it's going to stay this way. 

I also made my first mug rug. And have already been using it at the office. I work in a government office, so color is desperately needed. I have enough batting scraps to make several more mug rugs too.

More pics HERE


Projects Completed:
Mug Rug - started and finished
Projects Newly Started:
Granny Square Afghan - 10/120
Mug Rug for co-worker - pieced and layered
Projects Worked On:
Grandma Quilt - quilted and trimmed
Megan's Crochet Afghan - added more rounds, got more yarn
250 Crochet Motif Blocks - 4/250
Projects On Hold:
Melissa's Quilt - need backing fabric (on order)
Quilt tops - I must be patient
Japanese Flower Afghan - have the yarn



Granny squares for MY afghan.

Quilted and ready for binding.

Megan's afghan. Getting bigger.

My first Japanese Flower. I made guesses about the pattern. I guessed before I really studied the ones out there. I guessed wrong. I like the flower I made, but it won't work for the afghan I want to make using this type of flower. I made too many petals. I'll keep this flower though. Because it was my first. And I hate to unravel it.

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Lee - I am not able to post a comment to your blog. For some unknown reason blogger isn't playing nice. Here is my comment:

Can't wait to see your blue block. Your rainboot fabric is ADORABLE. I don't envy you potty training. Hang in there though.


Rosemary said...

What a wonderful posting, I love seeing your continuing progress on your current projects - they are looking good, lady! The lap quilt is going to be a big hit. I like that flower - maybe you could put it in the center of a pillow? Megan's afghan is beautiful and the colors for YOUR afghan are soooooo you! Perfect, that's going to be beautiful!

Great inspiration to get off my keister and get some larger projects completed!

KimT said...

I love the lap quilt and your other fibery projects. Your granny squares make me want to do some crocheting. I am having some trouble with blogger too. I am glad you mentioned it!

Electra said...

Well, I love the colours of this quilt. I have a couple of unfinished quilt tops, if I send them to you, will you finish them?
Wow, you are sure getting a LOT done!