Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's confession time W.I.P. Wednesday again. Lee over at Freshy Pieced is hosting W.I.P Wednesdays. Nothing like getting a little bit of accountability on your side. Admit to the world that you are going to DO something. And then follow up with that same world (blogland) just a mere week later. I'm game for that...

I got the borders sewn onto Melissa's Bricks. (No picture yet.) I'll have to wait to layer and quilt. The store is out of the fabric I need and has it on order. They said it would be about a week more. Grrrr. I was on such a roll too.

I thought I was doing great, but I forgot all about getting batting. DUH. I guess it really has been a while since I have been through this process. Soothing as it may be, there are some steps that I CANNOT (don't wanna) omit. Like batting. I like batting in my quilts. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to make one without batting, but for now, I will bat my quilts.




I have made several quilt tops. Some of them were quilted into quilts, but sadly there are a handful that have not. They have been neglected and are just sitting in a basket waiting for some love and attention. I am going to try to get them ALL quilted by the end of the year.

Melissa's Bricks - This one you have seen. I am waiting on the fabric I need for the back. I already have batting set aside.

Bricks (top) - I got backing fabric this week. I found a piece of batting that is just the right size. I have this layered now. I just need to quilt it. (As soon as I put these bon-bons down...)

Leaves (2nd down) - I have a beautiful backing fabric. I just need batting.

Pastel (middle) - I have a suitable backing fabric. Again, I am lacking batting.

Sunflowers (2nd from bottom) - I have the backing fabric. Same batting issue.

Picnic (bottom) - I picked up a perfect backing fabric this week. Still need batting.

I'll show them as I get to working on them.

Of course there are more quilts in various stages of planning:

  • Birdie Block of the Month
  • Ticker Tape
  • Spider Web
  • Wonky House
  • Crazy
  • ...

Can you really ever STOP envisioning them!?!


* * *

In the crochet world, I have started making an afghan for Megan. She picked the color and the pattern. I find myself, again, providing the labor for a daughters design. And I find myself, again, LOVING it. 




I love that she gets more and more excited with each skein I add.

I love that she can hardly wait for me to finish.

I LOVE that SHE loves that I am making it for her.



This is my first attempt at wrist warmers. I have so far made 1 of them. I made it a tad too big. But I'll take it. I didn't use a pattern, just kinda winged it. My right wrist gets cold and it hurts. This has helped a lot in the few hours that it has been in exsistence. I used it today at work, and it really made for nice cushioning while I was typing. BONUS!
I used Bamboo Ewe in Mermaid. I LOVE that color name. It's made from Bamboo and wool. It's pretty easy to work with. I am used to working with standard acrylic yarn. You know the kind. It isn't bad, just different to work with. I want to experiment.

I want to crochet these things too:
  • Flower Afghan - I have yarn picked out
  • Wrist Warmers (more of them)
  • 250 Blocks from the Crochet Motif's book - This one might take me a little while.
  • Amigurumi Turtle, Lion, Elephant, Giraffe - Cuteness!
  • Pot Holders - I want wool or cotton for these.
  • Wash Cloths - I want cotton for these.
  • Japanese Flower Scarf - They are just so pretty.
These aren't in the order in which I will attempt them. Just in the order that they popped into my head.


Thanks for hanging in this long.

Next week I'll have a simpler status report.

I hope.


Tyggereye said...

Those are amazing!! How did you find the time?? I love quilts, but never have been able to finish one. (sad I know!)

Melinda said...

Sigh...I miss crochet. My carpal tunnel just won't let me do it anymore. I love your projects!

Rosemary said...

Ah, what a lovely post and I enjoyed looking at all those beautiful pics. Your wrist warmer looks fab, I am sorry that you hand gets cold (is this when the temp is a frosty 70 - lol).

All those lovely quilt tops, I can't wait to see the batting added and these beauties finished.

Oh and that afghan is beautiful - I LOVE the color she chose.

Keep us posted, love to see your progress.

Lee said...

Those wrist warmers are so cool! And it looks like you have some lovely quilt tops awaiting quilting. Good luck with your list! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )