Monday, December 26, 2011

12 Joys of Christmas - 12th Joy

The decorations. I love the decorations. I usually have too many ideas, so nothing looks complete. I also tend to run out of time. It's like Christmas sneaks up on me every year. Does that happen to you too?

This year Melissa decorated the mantle. We really scaled back. There are some things that HAVE to get put out.

Like Mickey's Clock Shop. It's been a tradition forever.

And the Nutcrackers. Melissa has quite the collection. She plays with them too. So there really isn't a display. Well, not one that stays the same. It's constantly changing.

A spot is found for these little guys too. Made many years ago. Tradition.

When the girls were little, I got this little Nativity set. I loved that they could play with it. I didn't want to put a fragile Nativity set out and tell them NO you can't touch. It just seemed so wrong. So this one was perfect. I LOVE that they now demand that it still gets put under the tree when we decorate.

(I still have a few Joys left to share with you. Look out for them before the end of the year.)


Tyggereye said...

Aww how cute. I don't have a mantle. I wish I did. I totally want one so bad. I wanted to dig out my old nativity set from my mom's decorations this year that are up in the attic and didn't. Next year! Love the decorations.

Rosemary said...

I love these, I'm glad you kept your traditions - even if you scaled back a little. I understand COMPLETELY.

Electra said...

You have such wonderful decorations, Jana! And the socks!!! Oh, the socks!!! I love your socks!!!

Gini said...

Fabulous decorations, everything has a history and good memories attached to them - just perfect Jana!
Merry Christmas to you all, hope Christmas was still joyful for you :-)