Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 Joys of Christmas - 9th Joy

Outside Christmas lights. I love the sparkle and twinkle. They add a lot of color to my ride home from work. I am probably one of the only people who really appreciates those who leave their lights up way after Christmas has passed.

Although this is #9 of my Christmas Joys, it is the last to be posted. I just didn't get around to getting a picture of the outside lights until now. AND, although it is the last to be listed it certainly doesn't complete the list of my Joys. There are plenty more. I just picked 12 because it seemed like a good number at the time I came up with the idea.


Electra said...

Hmmm, I like you you do math. And I like Santa on the Harley. But I will deny it, if anyone asks.

Tyggereye said...

How cute! I just hang up a wreath. I'm a lazy mo-fo when it comes to decorating outside. lol