Monday, December 5, 2011

12 Joys of Christmas - 1st Joy

Everyone has traditions. Things you absolutely MUST do every year. We do. We have traditions that take place every year, and some that happen every year or two. Candy Canes are the first Christmas Joy every year for me.

Usually the season starts when the CANDY CANES are bought. I get a little tingle in my throat. They are the beginning of something wonderful. And I can't resist. I started carrying the little ones in my purse to hand to clerks, cashiers and toll takers. (And of course to snack on myself.)

The little ones are just the right size to offer a little treat without having to wrap the rest.

I just can't imagine a Christmas season without them. Can you?


Electra said...

I can. but I don't eat gingerbread either. Now those little pastel mints, be still my beating heart!!!!!!!!!
Love the photo you've chosen, Jana, it puts me in the Christmas mood.

mad scientist labs by meep said...

i love your blog it is so AWESOME

Sian said...

No I can't! We love them here too, and have been enjoying them crushed up into some delicious Christmas bark this week. Yum.

Rosemary said...

Ah, I love peppermint candy canes and I can vouch that you've been doing this every Christmas season since I've known you. I think it is a lovely tradition!

By the way, Haagen Daz has a delicious seasonal flavor called peppermint bark - white chocolate ice cream with peppermint bark AND bits of candy cane mixed in. DELICIOUS!!!!! (Consider this your Christmas texas toast hee hee)