Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WOYWW - Final Edition of 2011

Collateral damages from this last week of celebrations.
A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

There are a few projects in mind, but not in the works just yet. I need to do a bit of tidying up first. And maybe finish that little deer Christmas ornament. Yikes. Uh, wait, since it isn't going to be for this year, I am already ahead for next Christmas. HA.

You can see what others are up to at Julia's Stamping Ground.

Go ahead and snoop. You know you want to.


Rosemary said...

Oooh, that doesn't look too bad - it looks very inspirational! Good on you for getting a start on next Christmas (tee hee hee). Like I should talk. I have a start on my Christmas cards since virtually none made it out of my grasp. (SIGH)

I love the visual here though, I really do, it is inspiring me to want to go and make something. (the last line of your post made me giggle).

My word verification is subsids - which is I guess what happens when a subsides goes stale.

Tyggereye said...

Look at the cute embroidery! I love it. Glad you posted. :)

SueH said...

I’ve had a major tidy up on my desk too and made on start on 2012 birthday cards as you’ve seen.

Looks like you have lots still happening on your desk. Loving the little stitched reindeer, which has reminded me I need to update my stitching blog with some more of my old projects,I decided to put them all in one place in the order that I stitched them but I’m still only up to 2008, so a long way to go yet.

Happy New Year to you and
Happy Crafting!


Electra said...

There are SO MANY cool things here!
I wonder if Santa would put me on the back of his Harley and bring me to your house?

Julia said...

Wow that is one hectic desk! Lots of things going on :) Love the little deer you are stiching. Hope you have lots of success with the planning meetings in 2012 xx Julia #66