Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday on our own version

This week I have a couple of finished projects to report, BUT, I can only show you a sneak peak. Sorry. Melissa and I swapped stockings with Whitney and Aidan.

Here's a sneak of Melissa's first ever sewing machine project. The stocking she made for Aidan. I am ever so proud.

And here's a little sneaky at the stocking I made for Whitney.

I can show the whole stockings once they get them. I don't want to spoil the surprise completely for them.


I am also putting the binding on the Granny lap quilt I made for my mommy for Christmas. Don't worry, it'll get done in time. I am 3/4 of the way done. Should have it done tomorrow night.


Then I'll just have to make another secret project. That I can't share because the recipient reads this blog. (wink, wink)


And for the professional side of things, here is my workdesk. The one where I do the work for which I get paid.

Even here I can't help but be a bit artsy fartsy. See all those different colors markers. Yup. I really do use them. All.

(disclaimer: This picture was not taken today. Or even yesterday. BUT if you were to see my desk right now, you would not be able to tell. So I am using it anyway.)


Rosemary said...

Oooh, I love these sneak peeks and I can't wait for the big reveal! I am so proud of my little goddaughter, she's following in her mom's footsteps wonderfully!

Is it too much to hope I'm the blog reader who might be getting a surprise? Yeah, I'm that brazen.

Love the arty look at your desk and I am NOT at all surprised you use all of those colorful markers. Not a bit.

Hope the day is going well for you!

Electra said...

Melissa can be proud, it looks like she follows in her momma's footsteps. And NO FAIR! showing your workdesk at work. If it weren't Christmas, I'd come right over there and thump you one.