Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Joys of Christmas - 5th Joy

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

You know the rest. I don't. But I can hum along. I love putting the tree up. Pulling out the decorations from years past and adding a new decoration. Playing Christmas carols and reminiscing with each bauble pulled from the box.

In the most recent years we have had an artificial tree. It just seemed the thing to do. This year, since our plans changed at the last minute, Danny promised the girls a real tree. So we went to the lot and picked the best one for us. Once we got it home and positioned it seemed a heck of a lot bigger than it seemed in the lot. Good thing too. We have many, many ornaments.

The girls all have a little collection that is theirs. Ones that have been given to them from their grandparents and other loved ones. I have my favorites. Ones that were made for me by the girls. I particularly love the ones with their pretty little faces glued onto them.

The handmade. This was made by 2 year old Melissa.

Another handmade. This was a joint project between me and Morgan.

A cute couple. It's a tradition that we get a "couple" ornament every year.

And the new. This is Megan's new ornament this year.

New and old together. A thing of beauty.

What I really love, is a tree crowded with ornaments, old and new. The ornaments speak as to who we are, and what makes us tick. The tree tells the story of US.

And it's really pretty when you turn all the lights out and just sit with a hot cuppa and "watch" the tree. Sigh. So very relaxing. Don't you think?


Rosemary said...

Ah, you are right, there is nothing like sitting and watching the Christmas tree...makes me want to go and get one right now! We haven't got our tree yet, but soon. I love the ornaments, the love and stories they tell year after year. Beautiful tree, Jana!

Sian said...

Oh yes! A tree full of everyone's favourites is the best. I love a big mix of everything on our tree too

Electra said...

Ohwow, I LOVE Megan's Hello Kitty ornament!! And one can never have too many ornaments Jana, what on earth were you thinking when you said that??