Sunday, April 25, 2010

52nd Challenge on OPUS GLUEI

This is the 52nd Challenge posted on OPUS GLUEI. I can't believe that we have managed to stick around so long.

Technically, Rosemary and I have been posting to OPUS GLUEI for over a year, but we took a couple of breaks due to really busy times for both of us. Our reasoning for starting OPUS GLUEI was that most of the challenge blogs we saw were taking themselves WAY TOO SERIOUS. They wanted new projects. They wanted only one type of project. Granted, that requires creativity and thought. We wanted a challenge blog that let people run with their ideas. AND we have NO DEADLINES. I don't always get inspired by a topic right away. Sometimes inspiration will hit me days, weeks or even months after the idea is introduced. So we did away with deadlines. We do a re-cap every week, and include projects submitted for ANY of the OPUS GLUEI challenges, past or present.
We really have NO restrictions. No real guidelines either. Take our topic and run with it. We don't demand any certain medium, but rather embrace them ALL.
This weeks 52nd challenge is to MAKE SOMETHING.
Anything. Just make something. Doodle, cook, garden. As I have here. But this is no ordinary garden.
This garden is the brain-child of my youngest child. Melissa decided that she wanted to plant a garden. Since we don't really have a spot in our yard (it's big enough, but neither DH or I want to deal with a garden) we offered up a window sill garden, of sorts. It's really located on the ledge between the kitchen and family room. On the pass through. Her idea was formed weeks ago. Deal was a garden for a clean room. She finally cleaned her room. LOL.
Amongst the plants to be grown are: Basil, Oregano, Chives, Grass, Baby's Breath, Sunflowers, Marigolds and a Pine Tree. She picked all the plants. And what garden is complete without a Garden Gnome or two.


Rosemary said...

I love this - you are going to enjoy it so much and kudos to M3 for earning it with hard work and a clean room!

I've missed blurfing and need to catch up on it!!!! HUGS TO YOU, my dear friend!

Electra said...

This is excellent, what a great idea! Er, um, is that a reindeer in there along with the gnomes?
(I haven't had my medication yet today, so it may not be.)

Jessica G. said...

Fun, fun! DDs helped me plant veggies in the new garden area this year and even said ate the fresh spinach salad gleaned from it last night -- wow!

lauren said...

that is UNASSAILABLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! and thus you are catapulted into the all-time top ten of "best moms" for motivating with a cool reward that is also an on-going project and teacher of responsibility!!! YOU ROCK! ♥