Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ATC's and some Bowls

I think you all remember me finding, and really liking, SWAP-BOT. If you can swap it, there is a swap for it there. Well, I had signed up for "A Day at the Beach" and "Butterflies" ATC swaps. (Nope, I don't have them for you today.) I sent them out and was marking them sent when my eye caught the "I (heart) Owls" ATC swap. I really HEART Owls, so I signed up for it.

* * * * *

This is what I sent out:

It's a hybrid. I made a digital image of the background, owl, corners and flowers. Printed that out, then printed out the flowers and the owl. Fussy cut them and popped them up with foam mounting tape. Glittered the corners. Metallic penned on the flowers. AND added a little twig from the yard using that really sticky red tape.

I really love the way he turned out. Yup, it's a boy. Cuz I say so, that's how I know.
* * * * *

This is what I received:
Isn't she cute. (Same here. She's a girl cuz I say so.) I love the tissue paper background. And the "thought bubble" flower. I can imagine she is making lists of things to create and place to fly.
* * * * *
And speaking of ATC's, check out these marvelous morsels sent to me by Electra.
I nearly shot iced tea out of my nose when I pulled them out of the envelope.
That curling one is HIL-AR-IOUS. It is PERFECT for me. And I have to confess that I ran my fingers ALL OVER the ART one. So many things to see and feel.
Thank you a gazillion times over.

* * * * *
Now, take a gander at this adorable little set of tea cups.

YUP, tea cups. Each one is 8 ounces.

I was getting a cuppa at Starbucks, and my eye got stuck on the colors and patterns.
So, now they are mine. I don't know exactly what they will hold. I'm sure I will find something, or other. Tea, buttons, pens, ice cream, margaritas....

* * * * *


Anonymous said...

You got some great stuff girl! I love swaps but can hardly ever find one! I need to check out this Swap Bot you mentioned!

Rosemary said...

Love the ATC you made (can't wait to see the rest) and the tissue paper background of your swap-buddy's creation is cool! Electra's ATCs are awesome and I think that curling one is one of my all time faves now!

The tea cups - what a good impulse buy! I can think of some other things for them; pudding, chocolate pudding, more chocolate pudding, cocoa, soup...did I mention chocolate pudding? Worth breaking out the saucepan and making some from scratch.

Electra said...

You're most welcome, but the one you sent me is WAY prettier. so THERE. I love your owl, you're turning into a digital guru! Now over to Swap-bot....

Tyggereye said...

Ooh that owl atc is great. I love those cups. The patterns are fab!