Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A bunch of Zeke's

A little history first. It's recent history, as in the last couple of weeks:

March 20 - We adopt a dog.

March 20 - Danny installs a couple of baby-gates to keep doggie down-stairs. Danny screws one end of gate into the wall, but leaves the other un-attached because our new little darling hasn't shown any signs of pushing against the gate.

March 23 - We discover that darling, perfect doggie can open the gate. He uses his nose to retract the gate a bit and then pushes the gate open. Smart doggie.

Sometime between March 20 and yesterday we had this conversation:

Danny (DH) - I'm going to install the gate on the other wall.

Me - Don't you think he'll jump the gate if he can't open it?

DH - Nah!!!

Me - (give him a look with raised eyebrows, but don't say anything)


Fast forward to last night... I nearly snorted water out of my nose while blurfing.
Notice that the dogs are jumping over the fence from a MUCH lower elevation.

I'm not so sure the baby gate will really pose a threat to Zeke now.

Image Source: Mrs. Harward at The Harward's. (lots of pretty pictures - she lives on a farm near a national park - and YES the house in her blog banner is hers - lucky lady isn't she)


Linda Mitcheltree said...

Got a really good laugh out of this! Ahh...the joys of dog ownership! What a great picture too! Good luck with Zeke, sounds like you'll need it!

Dianna said...

I can't WAIT to hear how long it takes him...Zeke is laughing at you you know. ; )

Amy said...

oh that is sooo funny!! Go Zeke!!

Tyggereye said...

Hehe Baby gates usually work. If he's really good at escaping I've always been a crate trainer with my dogs when they were learning and young.

Electra said...

Oops. I peeed my pants a little bit. Laughing. It's Zeke's fault. darn you, Zeke!

Jingle said...

Dogs are good like that...they can always find a way to get where you don't want them to be. I have two of them. One of them actually 'Houdini'd' out of her seatbelt and proceeded to shift my car into neutral while we were driving down the highway. We love them. That's why we continue to put up with this stuff! HA! (And yes..she knew she was going it. She thought it was fun and kept arguing with me about what gear the car should be in.)

Terri Kahrs said...

Hi, Jana! Thanks so much for your blog visit. I cracked up when I read this post. When our first fur baby (a mini-schnauzer) was sick, we baby gated her in the kitchen. In the middle of the night, for as sick as she was, Pepper jumped over the gate so she could get to the bedroom where Mommy was!!! Smart and willful - what a combination!!! Hugs, Terri

Rosemary said...


I (heart) Zeke and I've never even met the little big guy! I'm thinking that those leaping dogs are going to be appearing in your dreams. Perhaps he should have been named Houdini? LOL

Kristen said...

Too funny, this shows that Zeke can pretty much get into anything! Dogs rule!!!

And in case Rosemary comes back... Cats are cool too!