Monday, April 25, 2011

99 Crown Jewels on the wall, 99 Crown Jewels..... (EDITED)

Okay, so maybe not 99. But oddly enough, that's the tune that jumped into my head this morning. What? You can't hear it. Oh, sorry then. 

The challenge this week at OPUS GLUEI is:


We were going to label it Family Jewels, but thought that might be a bit too cheeky and offensive. To someone out there. Ah, well, here we are with CROWN JEWELS.

This, of course, is in honor of the impending nuptuals of this rather shy and attractive couple.

They are just so adorable. To me anyway. I love how they are so graciously doing things "differently" than tradition. While both of these pictures of them are great, I really love the one on the right. Diana is most certainly the boys mum. AND I LOVE that he chose Diana's ring for his beloved. (insert sigh)

Okay, now, on to the challenge. I decided to go with Postcards this week. They are just what struck my fancy. So I went with it.

First up is the Keeper of the Jewels.

I cut a piece of white cardstock to 4x6. Glued down a piece of patterned paper. Then gel mediumed some fabric scraps on top of that. (I have started to make Melissa's quilt. Finally. See list of things to do in 2011 in the left hand sidebar.) Dog face is from a magazine. As is the silver bowl. Jewels are from my stash. Paint pens were used to accent the piece.

I still had a postcard sized piece of cardstock, so I reached for the Japanese motif stamps. The Gingersnaps at Gingersnap Creations want FAN inspired creations. This little number fits both categories.

(see left sidebar on the top for link to these adorable little stamps)

I used watercolor crayons for the background. Stamped the border and the Princesses. Then put the pearls AND Stickled the heck out of this piece. I had to let this baby dry for HOURS. As in overnight. I used black enamel for their hair. I really like the effect.

I'm thinking about calling in "sick" on Friday to watch the wedding. What about you? Is it a holiday in England? Canada? Australia? Or are you calling in "sick" too?


Tyggereye said...

I love your cards! I honestly didn't know it was Friday they were getting married. I haven't followed it that much. I am excited for them. They seem like such a lovely couple. I might have to dabble at this challenge. I have so many ideas for it!

Sian said...

We have a holiday so we'll be watching :)

Rosemary said...

Love these, they both bring a smile. The keeper of the jewels is quite the looker and I'm loving that bling. The princesses are perfect - the black enamel is a cool touch too!

I can't miss on Friday, big telecon in the afternoon but I am going to tape as much of it on the DVR as possible to have a treat when I get home!

Deena said...

no holiday in canada..will have to pvr as it is being broadcast at 3:00 a.m. here...great projects....

Lori said...

Both of these are great! Love the bling...

Electra said...

It's just another day, but you can bet there will be lots and lots of us watching the tape when we get home form (our evil) work. Wait! I'm at a conference! I could sneak out early....
He is after all, OUR prince.
Have you tried to sing "99 crown jewels on the wall, 99..."? It's REALLY difficult!!
Love your creations Jana, they are so very YOU.

lisbonlioness said...

The whole of England (probably Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, too) gets the day off on Friday. Those who have to work (like I would if I wasn't on holiday anyway) will get to pick another day off, and I gotta say that's pretty much the only thing that interests me about this wedding.
Cynical old hag that I am, I think my shop should be taking bets on when they get divorced... unless they beat the odds and do what the lads' grandparents have accomplished, if seemingly nobody else around them... ^^
Your cards are brilliant, I love the bold kitschy glam they are oozing. And the little geisha girls are just too sweet!

JeanFB said...

Adorable fan creation - love the little cuties and all their bling! Yes, I will be watching the wedding... can't help it, how often do you get to see a fairytale prince and princess wedding with an unlimited budget?? LOL :) Thanks for playing along at Gingersnap Creations!

susanne said...

This is adorable! I love all that glitter !

Deb (dcorder) said...

I love your watercolor crayon background...What fun! And all the glitter is FAN-tastic! Thank you for playing along with us at Gingersnaps Creations!!

Gini said...

The wedding was wonderful I thoroughly enjoyed it, we had a Bank Holiday for it so had the time off work.
Keeper of the Jewels - LOL LOL LOL! Amazingly good, I am so glad I've seen him and so sorry I didn't get to join in nor with the matchbox challenge both of which I want to play catch up with soon.
I have been under the weather and mojoless for a while but Keeper of the Jewels has perked me right up thank you!
Take care