Monday, April 18, 2011

What's in your wallet?

No, we aren't barbarians. (There are some out there who would argue that, but, we'll press on anyhow.) The Poobahs over at OPUS GLUEI are asking you to use the contents of your purse/tote for inspiration this week.  


Jana here: I picked my tote as the source for my inspiration. You'll see why in a few...

Here's the tote and the contents:

And here is the project inspired by that hot mess:

Yup. A paper doll. I know it seems like a simple thing to have made, but, I have had one of those weeks. I was at the pediatricians office Tuesday with one sick kid and again on Thursday with a different sick kid who sprouted an entirely different affliction. I was lucky to have gotten this little gal done at all. (Both kids are much better now. Which is why I am able to post this little gem.)

I printed out the template onto white card stock. Cut the pieces. Punched the little holes. Covered the pieces randomly in tissue tape. Trimmed the tape to fit the template. And then I had to seal the tape with Gel medium. You know that tissue tape is wonderful, but doesn't stick well enough to survive a constant handling and I will be handling her a bit. (Plus my youngest got the cutest little gleam in her eye when she spotted my new doll.)

I have plans for Rose. (That is her name. I have named her for my youngest daughters middle name. Thought it was appropriate.) I am going to make her a wonderful wardrobe to house all of the gorgeous clothes that I have planned for her.

And now the story... There is a lovely lady, Angela, who hosts a monthly dress challenge on her blog Sew Loquacious. Every month there is a different theme to use to create a dress. I am behind for 2011. (I suppose I have to start in order to be behind, but we'll argue those particulars another day.)

I first saw these marvelous dress creations last year on Gini's blog, A Little Bit of Shiny. She made some fantastic dresses that made me think that dangerous thought that I seem to get whenever I see something gorgeous and crafty. You know, the "I can do that" thought.

Well, it only took me a year to finally make the doll. I had printed out the template from The Enchanted Gallery in January (you can find the templates here) and have been carrying it around with me. I had every intention of starting out the new year with the rest of the gang in January. Dunno what happened, but here we are in April and I am just getting the doll made. (I AM a procrastinator. Tell you all about it in another post.)

Now that I have made Rose, I am getting all sorts of other paper doll related thoughts. It's a very fine line between being crafty and getting obsessed. I prefer to think of myself as crafty. Let's leave it at that.


Deena said...

i like this doll...super groovy with all the curves...and what is with all those sick kids? make them get better and kick that one needs that!

Gini said...

I am absolutely certain that you will being making gorgeous creations for dear Rose who is pretty perfect even nude. (Can I say nude?)
My back is so much better now, so I'm back. (I know not even remotely funny but let me warm up LOL)
I sort of promised Rosemary back in January that I would join in with this years dress challenge and I hang my head in shame as I haven't made a single one yet...
Still plenty of time left yet in the year!
Happy Easter :-)