Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This week I am showing you a little bit of an artistic shot. I used one of the special feature on my cell phone camera. Who knew that I had that!!! I love the way this otherwise boring shot looks.

I haven't had much time to meander into my Studio this week. I have 2 daughters playing soccer (on different teams - in different leagues) and 1 daughter running track. Throw in a sick kid a couple of days, and well, not much ME time.

I DID play a little tiny bit. I made a couple of envelopes out of a poster that the girls got at the last hockey game they went to. It was one of those freebie things they hand out to you when you walk into the arena. I thought that they would be fun to use for something crafty, so I cut them out.

Here's an un-funkified shot of the same desk. Not really the exact same shot, but close. You can't really make out the envelopes, but they are there.

You can check out more workdesks this week at WOYWW #97


JoZart said...

Love the funky app on your cell phone.. .what a creative difference! Hope you get more time to play this week,
JoZarty x

Deena said...

sounds like it has been a busy week! i can't wait for summer so all of the dance, gymnastics and music lessons are done...bring it on! so glad mine don't do soccer...nothing easy about that sport (for the mom's anyway!)

okienurse said...

Interesting picture of your desk. Very artsy looking. The pics on your desk look interesting Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

Wendy said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. This is such a big world we live in, but always wonderful to know that are sweet and kind people everywhere! Thanks for following my blog. Sometimes I don't update enough and I can't believe I still have people checking it out. To know this will help me update quicker! Thanks!

Electra said...

I just love to poke around on your desk. There are so many treasures!