Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu Monday on Sunday - The world's gone crazy.

I had to post this a day early because Melissa's birthday is tomorrow and I dont' want her to have to share her day with a menu. As a result, you, my lucky reader, get treated to an EXTRA day of our eating habits. Aren't you all warm and fuzzy inside now?!?!?!?!?

This week is going to be rough. It's back to the ol' grind stone for all of us. So the menu has to be really easy.

Sunday - Chili served over Rice, Salad and Milk. (I love milk with my Chili. I think it soothes the heat.)

Monday - Sopa, grilled cheese and apple sauce. It's Melissa's birthday and she get to choose. Hmmm.

Tuesday - Pasta with jarred sauce and Salad. (I have to heat up 2 different sauces because my kookie family won't eat the same one.)

Wednesday - Tequila Lime Chicken, Rice, Asparagus and Salad

Thursday - Burritos/Soft tacos

Friday - Kielbasa, Buttered Noodles, Green Beans and Salad

Saturday - Pizza (might be home-made this time)

Sunday - Chicken Stew (Mom's recipe - Yummmmm)
If you feel so inclined, join me in this crazy quest I like to call Menu Monday. Post here with a link to yours.


Electra said...

OK, I'm game for Menu Monday. It would mean I would have to put together a menu though, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself! Your photography is always so wonderful Jana!

Kathryn said...

Happy New Year! Good luck with your resolutions. :)

Rosemary said...

Yum, sounds good all week. I am with Electra, it means I have to plan ahead - yikes!

Tyggereye said...

I never put chili on rice. hmm.. I always put it on either a baked potato or noodles. Might have to try that sometime. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I love your blog too. I'm going to put it on my bloglines. Hope you have a great day!