Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday's - I will post about whatever strikes my fancy.


I remember my Nana saving things "for good" when I was a little girl. I never got an answer when I would ask when "good" was. She never got to use some things because she was waiting. That makes me sad. I know she liked, maybe even loved, some of the things she was saving "for good", but she waited too long. So to honor her, I try not to wait "for good" to use things.

I use this glass everyday:

(no, it isn't a vase)

It looks out of place with my girls' plastic Transformer Slurpee cups at the dinner table, but I really like the glass and I really LOVED my Nana, so I use it everyday. I hope she would appreciate the gesture. I miss her very much and this is just a small way to keep her close to me.



Rosemary said...

You are so right, things are meant to be used and enjoyed - aren't we "for good" enough? Of course, we are!

Now you make me want to go home and pull out the good china for dinner!

A lovely post and yes, Nana would appreciate the gesture.

Kristen said...

My mom just gave me two bushel baskets full of China that Grandma got through Jewel grocery store promotions back in the 1960s. She gave me a box of silverware too. Real Silver. She said, these aren't EVERY DAY dishes, these are for good! I guess I will never use them either. :) I want to use them everyday! I think they are beautiful. And they were my Grandma's! I never save stuff. Today is GOOD! Great post, Jana!

Craftola said...

I know what you mean. I saved our crystal goblets we received 30 yrs. ago as wedding presents for "good". When we had a party a couple of years ago, we brought them out and our sil broke one. He felt terrible... I told him it didn't matter, they were given to us so long ago to use... and wine was enjoyed by all! Life is so short...drink out of crystal goblets!