Sunday, January 31, 2010

Opus Gluei - #40 - Soup to Nuts

Nope, we aren't talking food here. We are talking an Opus Gluei challenge which is pretty much wide open.

You can either Start (soup) a project or Finish (nuts) a project.

In accordance with my VISION for this year, I have chosen Nuts.

I am finishing my Disney 2009 Album.

(I am not quite finished. The cover needs a little something... So far I have covered bookboard with a map of the Magic Kingdom and added alpha sitckers. I also added some keychain bling. I will add the ribbons when I am finished. It still looks naked to me, so I will add something else. Once I figure out what that something is.)

I started this album before we went to Disney World in August.
I got the pictures ordered a few weeks ago. Another VISION 2010 item.

I took the album, the pictures and a few essential supplies with me to Florida last week.

(Since we were there for our Anniversary, I added a couple of pics of us. The girls are kind of grossed out with us kissing in the one. One of the benefits of being the parents. teeheehee The Happy Anniversary buttons were given to us by Disney. How frickin cool is that?)

(I glued some of the pictures on the backs of the park brochures. I love how they "blend" into the feel of the brochure. Yup those are my lovely daughters on the DUMBO ride.)

(I journalled each night while at Disney, so it made it easy to glue the pictures either on the pages or back to back in the appropriate spots.)

I managed to get over 100 pictures in this album. YEAH!

I would have finished embellishing the album except for a little bit of drama that came up with one of my fellow travelers.
But as it turns out, I have a day off tomorrow due to the snow we got Friday night and Saturday, SO, I will finish it up today and tomorrow.
Feels good to get another one FINISHED.


Enfys said...

Really enjoyed my browse around your blog, and whoever thought of OPUS GLUEI - brilliant!!
big hugs

Dianna said...

I LOVE your Disney albums!!! I need to suck some inspiration from your wonderful blog*!* You are awesome ;)

Kristen said...

You know you love emo-boys Jana!!!
That album is awesome! What a great idea! And that is a ton of pictures taken care of!

lauren said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! this is UTTERLY & completely fab!!! i love EVERYTHING about it, the way you've concentrated on the pics & the mementoes and how most of the journaling was done at the time and attached later. this is flippin' ♥BRILLIANT♥ miss jana, i want to sit with a cup of coffee & read every single page!!!

(ps: the cover needs mouse ears. (IMO!) printed and hand-cut/ silhoutted & placed to just barely touch the descender of the "y" ...OR...perhaps a silhoutted pic (the jana/mr. jana hugging one??!) from the trip? of those anniversary badges mounted on foam tape? it needs something non-linear, personal, and vaguely 2x3 in that spot... but of course it already looks entirely fab/finished enough to wait indefinitely until you find the PERFECT thing!!!) ♥♥♥