Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 VISION - Details


I vowed to myself to use my VISION to create detailed lists to accomplish any and all goals I have set for myself this year. Isn’t it about time I share some of said details?!?!?!?! Having said that, let me clarify that I do NOT have said details worked out completely just yet. This is a working plan. An evolution, if you will, of my methods. So without further delay, I present to you a preliminary listing of details (in no particular order, other than what came to mind first):

10 goals in 2010


1. Photos – I have already addressed this, but here it is again. I will try to spend 20 minutes a week sorting through photos and saving the best ones to "Print Files". Hopefully preventing me from A) staying up until 2 am and B) spending a small fortune when I eventually order photos.


2. Healthier eating – I am going to try 2 new recipes a week. I will browse Cooking Light and Weight Watchers (magazines and cookbooks) while watching TV at least one night a week and find tasty little gems. Which I will cook, taste and share the results with you.


3. Moving – I am going to try to walk farther in the parking lot. Park farther from the door. Unless it is cold outside. I don’t like the cold. I am a cold weather wimp. Eventually, later in the year, I would like to get on my treadmill/clothes tree and actually use it for 20-30 minutes a day. But, I will start with the baby steps of walking a bit farther in the parking lot. (on warmer days)


4. Organize – I really need to clean out my crap-space. It is supposed to be a craft-space. And in order to get there (again) I am going to start with a 15-30 minute session every weekend. I am going to get rid of (trash, give-away, donate) anything I don’t LOVE. I wish myself lots of luck with this one. I tend to LOVE a lot of junk. I am a pack rat. While I love this picture, it isn't my stuff. But isn't is to swoon over?


5. Stop – Aside from the things I have already ordered this year, (disgusting, isn’t it. Only a few days into the new year and I have already placed online orders to add to the stash that I want to reduce.) I am NOT going to buy anything I don’t intend to use for a SPECIFIC project. I will evaluate the NEED and if I won’t start the project within a weeks time, I won’t buy it.


6. Cook – I am going to cook more meals during the week than I don’t. This goes along with #2. I am going to cook lower fat, healthier meals. I will make my existing recipes healthier. It isn’t hard. Most of them are healthy. If you eat human sized portions.


7. Less – I am going to eat less. I am going to spend less time on the computer. (don’t panic. I will still blog. I just won’t surf as much) I am going to yell less. I will hoard less. I will do less procrastinating. I will tolerate less disrespect from my family. I have many more “less”es. You’ll see. In time.


8. Desk top – I would like to see more of my desk top. Both at work and at home. So, I am going to spend at least 30 minutes a week sorting through the stacks and piles. (what I am afraid of is finding that I really don’t need any of the “stuff” in these stacks and piles. (see #7 – I am a hoarder)


9. Finish – I am going to finish those online classes. I am a great starter. Not such a competent finisher. I will pick one class a month. AND FINISH IT. (I am NOT going to sign up for any new ones. Just finishing the ones I have already started. Yup, there are enough to get me through the year.) There is one exception: I will take the Point and Shoot Camera class that BPS has promised to have in 2010. BUT, I will finish it during the allotted time slot.


10. Relax – I am not going to stress or fret if any of the above don’t get done. Part of my VISION is to relax and enjoy the journey. I don’t want my life to be about destinations. Yes, there are places we have to go, things we have to do, but Life should be about enjoying getting there. So, I am going to relax and enjoy the ride.


I’ll try to remember to give you an update to this every so often. Oh, yeah, right, I need to define the goals I make. So how about every two months, I update the status.

I am curious to see how I do.
(Pictures are all from Google Image search and Flickr)


Kathryn said...

Oh, Jana, i love your list! And the presentation of it. :)

You have such a balanced attitude toward it. Good list, good example for others of us, good, good, good. I wish you all the best & that each day you are able to do at least 60% of this & what doesn't get done you can not stress over.

Rosemary said...

I applaud you for your list - these are ambitious but highly do-able and I know you - when you set your mind to something then you do it. I will be here cheering you, ecouraging you, whatever you need to have - I'm there, dudette!

Also, who told you that you could take a photo of my office desk (giggle)?

Our goals are rather similar and we can end 2010 on a high note with dedication and keeping eyes on the prize!

Electra said...

I am SO rooting for you sistah! You are so talented, you even make a simple list beautiful!

Craftola said...

I wish you luck on your journey of 2010. I should have added "trying to live stress free" to my list. Stress is my nemesis!!!! LOL