Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wild Wednesday

I just had eye surgery. I know it sounds yucky. And it would be if the Dr had to actually touch my eyeball, but she didn't. She just put that little scope-type-thingy into my eye (after LOTS of numbing drops) and shot a laser into the top of my iris. I have to tell you it smarted. Like an electric shock kind of jolt. You can read more about the procedure HERE. I didn't have mine done in Texas, but the procedure is the same.

Must be the reason for the foot brace and handles I was required to hold. Oh and the nurse had his hand holding my head into the chin/forehead brace holder thingy. (Please let me know if I have lost you with my technical terminology. I often forget that I am talking to the lay-person.)

Anyway, I now have another hole in my head. It's really kind of neat. I can see it. If I use a magnifying mirror. The girls can use their naked eyes to see it, but my 45 year old eyes need help. It really isn't fair is it!

AND, I get to get jolted again in the other eye on Feb first.

Nope. You can't be me.

(Disclaimer: This is not my eye. Nor is it my eye color. I just thought it illustrated the hole in my eye pretty well.)


Rosemary said...

OMG - okay, is it THAT big? I know your eyes are rather doe-like but seriously...yikes!

I am surprised you could feel the jolt, that makes me a little woozy in the knees. Okay, and yes, you did lose me with all that medical jargon of yours, showoff!

Okay, well, I am hoping that after your next eye-thingy that you'll never have to have anything again!

Jana said...

Sorry. I should have clarified, the hole isn't that big. It is only about 5mm. (think skinny mechanical pencil lead)

Jessica G. said...

Glad to hear your eye procedure went well and hope the next one is just as successful and even less uncomfortable.

I hear you about the 40+ eyes; just when did I say it was okay to start getting old??