Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heart the Art - Prompt #3 - Clearly

Clearly I am getting a bit more timely.
Clearly I still need to work on it.
Clearly this page is about my dear hubby.

Last weeks prompt for HEART THE ART was CLEARLY. I almost got it done in time. But CLEARLY I didn't. It's okay. I did it. And that is what matters.

It's the most CLEAR thing in my life. His love has changed my life. I wouldn't be living on the East Coast. I wouldn't have the 3 adorable daughters that I have. I wouldn't be as grounded. And lots of other things too. He took a stormy life and now it's raining love. Mostly. LOL

I cut an acetate sheet into the shape of my album. Finger painted the clouds, stamped the green hearts and used a piece of heart shaped mesh to paint the heart - all on the back of the page. Waited for it to dry. And waited. And waited. Then I mixed a sky blue paint color (cuz I didn't have this color) and painted over the clouds and hearts. I left the edges. Clearly. Waited for the blue to dry. Flipped the page over and added the Dymo tape and chipboard cherries. Top two are me and hubby. Bottom 3 are our daughters.

I took the wire binding off the binder for now and am using rings. It's much easier this way. I'll replace the wire when this project is full. (end of the year)

This weeks prompt is UNDER CONTROL. Good gracious. That's a wide open one, isn't it?????


Tyggereye said...

So cool Jana!! Love how you used the transparency on there. Those cherries are so cute. Great journaling for the prompt. Can't wait to see what you do next week.

Kristen said...

I love your journals, so unique, fun and inspiring!
I like the idea of a prompt too!