Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hearting the ART - ATC Style per Opus Gluei

I made 6 ATC's. I was only instructed to make 5, but you know me. I am not much for following rules. Opus Gluei's challenge this week is the make ATC's that show how you HEART your ART. My take is a bit sarcastic. I had a more elaborate plan in mind, and then.... I got sick. Well that plan had to go to the way-side in favor of a simpler PLAN "B". A plan I totally lifted from Just Jingle. Thank you for the inspiration Jingle.

I punched out 100 hearts from scraps of pinks and reds, outlined them all with a gold marker, glued them down randomly onto black cardstock and decorated with ribbon and a stamped sentiment. (Love those Studio G stamps)

I also used my new Tiny Attacher to put a couple of Tiny Staples to further anchor the ribbons.

Not too complicated. But, my tummy feels better...

(above pic was scanned on our new way cool, super terrific Epson all-in-one wireless printer.

Below pic was taken on a rainy day in the kitchen with my old digi camera.

I am smitten with our new toy. :-)

If you want one of these little beauties, go over to OPUS GLUEI and sign on for the ATC challenge/swap. Yup, the challenge also includes a swap of your art work. How cool is Rosemary for thinking this one up? WAY COOL.

(I am only trading 5 of them because I have separation issues. I don't like to send all of my ATC's away, so I make an extra so I can keep one. It's one of my quirks.)

Thanks for looking, have a great SUNDAY.


Rosemary said...

We're a team, I think this was a team idea - right? Now, that said, I love these - I also loved that you scanned one so I can see the details more clearly like the 100 hearts you punched, outlined and adhered. I give a tip of the old Xyron stickermaker to ye, m'am!

They look great, now let's hope we get some of our OG ladies to play with us and make ATCs.

Rosemary said...

p.s. - the turtles on the right bar have some kind of parasite, they keep eating all the crumbs and begging for more. Call in the apps vet! STAT

Electra said...

Well, whaddya know, maybe I'll try scanning my stuff, I'm never happy with the pics I take. thanks for the tip! I love the ribbon on your ATC by the way. :-))

Jingle said...

Those look great! I am so happy that I was able to inspire you!!!